Obedience Training

Here's what to expect if you choose us. Upon arrival you can tour our home where the training starts. If you are comfortable with the environment and the dog's quarters we will then further discuss the type of training you would like.  We have an agreement we will each sign identifying the training and cost.

This first week of training is basic obedience and home acclimation which includes but not limited to; controlled walk on-leash, heel, sit, sit stay, down, down stay and recall.  Environmental training such as stairs, slick floors, counter surfing, biting and jumping on people just to name a few. The first week we teach the dog each of the basic commands, the second week we try to improve on their posture and response to those commands. This is done in our yard and home environment before taking them to other areas. Once they are responding and understand, we begin the distraction training which is usually the third week. This training takes place in various areas.... Vet offices, pet stores, Lowe’s, parks, along busy streets and outdoor malls just to name a few. The fourth week we tie this all together and work on any particular issues they may be having.  This program is usually 2-4 weeks in length depending on your dog. When you come over to evaluate the training process we will work with you on your handlers course making sure you are successful with your dog. We provide the necessary equipment at that time.

Training starts from the moment you leave them; we acclimate, evaluate, train and problem solve from day one.  During your dogs stay we will send you updates, including a few pictures and will be available by phone to answer questions.  At the pick-up you will be provided with a daily training log and a YouTube video showing your dogs accomplishments.

You will evaluate your dogs training on a weekly basis and you decide when to stop.  We will discuss any findings or training thoughts if they differ from your initial visit.  This method allows you to control your cost and break up the training program, but continue your progression to off leash training, if desired. 

What we need from you; enough food for your dogs stay with us.  We don’t want to change the dogs diet and cause any stomach issues.  We will also need a copy of your dogs immunization records showing that your dog is up-to-date on all shots prior to attending the training program. 


Obedience Training Fees:

1.  $40.00/per day training

2.  $250.00/per week 

 - Training is taken week by week; includes both obedience and environmental training.  

- At the end of each week the client will evaluate their dog and assess where their dog is at.  

- Updates along with pictures will be sent to you.  

- At the end of the training the owner will go through a handlers course and be provided with a YouTube video, the daily training log and the equipment used.